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New semester, new beginning, new underwear!

by Altheanray Official on September 01, 2022

As we all know, it’s so easy to get caught up in the new lunch box / backpack / first day of school outfit shopping trip. But there’s also another piece we cannot forget-- Underwear. Odds are your kids have grown a size or two over the last year. The first day of school is a perfect reminder to sort through their underwear drawers and replace the smaller sizes with the CORRECT ones.

Growing bodies need frequent underwear updates, and sometimes even a new style that fits their changing shape better. This is the perfect time to look into the comfort, fashion, and affordability of Altheanray underwear for girls!

Comfortable Underwear is Key

All parents will agree. Our school-age kids value comfort. So start your back to school shopping with comfortable underwear that stays comfy all day. And whether your child is flipping around on the monkey bars or reaching for the sky on the swings, they will thank you!

Breathable Underwear is great

Dr. Dweck says. “Synthetic materials like Lycra and nylon can be confining and non-breathable and can lead to irritation, rashes, and infection, especially if you're already prone to those things.”

Back to School Underwear is Tagless

Make sure the underwear you buy for back to school is tagless. You know how distracting it can be when your tags have rough edges. It's the worst! All Altheanray underwear is for minimum scratchiness and maximum comfort.


Shopping for Organic Cotton Underwear

Cotton is able to absorb excess moisture and remove the build-up of heat from your vagina to prevent odour. In fact, cotton is one of the very few materials that become stronger when wet and it can be sterilized after use. Cotton underwear is definitely must have underwear for summer because of the high humidity.

Love Our Kids Underwear - Or Return It!

We want your child to be comfy ever after. If for some reason they aren’t, we will fully refund your hard-earned cash. Or give you the option to try any of our other super-soft collections. We are confident that your child will fall head over heels for our itch-free, tag-free and super stylish underwear collections.Altheanray also offer classic style, so there is comfortable underwear for every child to wear as you kick off the school year!